About Himachal 365 Days

Himachal, spectacular mountainous state of India has the biggest hidden treasure to unfold...... stunning landscapes, dazzling snow peaks, glaciers, deep gorges where icy rivers roar, lush green and golden valleys, clear blue skies, deep misty woods and picturesque lakes. Himachal is far from the maddening crowd, simple & hospitable people who tend their orchards, fields & flocks, they remain emerged in fairs & festivals round the years, centauries old rich Himalayan art & culture is alive here. Legend says Himachal is land of Gods, home of Shiva and history says it is land of sages. At the dawn of 21st centaury it beckons travellers from across the world round the year. A visit to Himachal, a Himalayan jewel is unforgettable.

Widening the scope for promotion of Himachal globally as a 365 days destination, HoneyGold Retreats Pvt. Ltd, a two decade young destination management company (DMC) based in New Delhi has come up with its destination specific web portal Himachal 365 Days Dot Com. It is a window to Himachal which let travellers peep into its hidden treasures.
Himachal has lots to offer in every different season that’s why it has become 365 days destination.


The joyous chirping of birds, orchards heavy with fruits, alpine meadows dotted with grazing herds, and shepherds lilting with their music - a vivid mosaic of this place - takes shape before your wandering eye. It presents a picture of an unforgettable tapestry which is amongst the most beautiful any place in the world has to offer.


Fruits spill out of brimming baskets; plums and cherries, apple, peaches and apricots; all the bounty of a fertile land. In the high meadows, trout are jumping in rushing, snow-fed streams. The encircling snow-capped mountains provide a perfect setting for a valley that's vibrantly alive.


Rainy season the most romantic season when there is greenery all around, cascading waterfalls come to the life and beauty of the Nature increases manifolds. Pale green paddy fields rise in tiered steps upon the hills fascinate every eye.


The misty morning sprawls over the vivacious valleys; the flushing meadows wrap the hillsides like a cloak. The sunlight softly caresses the leaves; the dew drops sparkle like diamonds to welcome the new day. The rustle of the fallen leaves adds to the music of the place and the sweet fragrance of flowers lingers on...


The white sheet of snow spread far and wide concealing the resonating beauty of this paradise. The soft snowflakes adorning the coniferous, the misty hazy breath, the chilly breeze gently tingling your senses, the tender sunlight deflecting from the ice capped peaks and spreading the much needed warmth. All so milky and pure. It is picture of a true heaven on earth.